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Current light setup is one (1) ViparSpectra V600 600W (true wattage 269 +/- 3%). I intend to add at least one more to this tent. Future plans for lighting include building my own LED lighting rig to make the best use of red and ultra-red spectrum LED, PPFD, and PPF; stats for all of which are completely unavailable for this light.

Growing Medium

My current growing medium is Fox Farms Ocean Forest, in one gallon fabric pots (Vivosun brand). As I've read several personal accounts indicating that FFOF is too hot for seedlings, the seedlings are currently planted in bio-degradeable seedling pots, in MiracleGrow's Seedling blend - it's a very mild seedling blend, designed to help them set roots better. So far it appears to be doing its job, as the first three seedlings, which are all at 10 days old, appear to have completed their first root-setting cycle.

The plan is to veg the plants in these one gallon pots, either until I've decided I want to flip to 12/12 - at which point I'll transplant into five gallon fabric pots, wait a week or two for recovery, then switch - or until the roots start growing out the sides, whichever comes first.

Also, while the roots haven't even hit my FFOF yet, I thoroughly intend to replace it with Rogue Farmer brand soil, preferably at the five gallon transplant mark. The only thing keeping me from doing it now, is that it requires a two hour drive to get to one of their retailers. I have nothing against Fox Farms, but I keep seeing Rogue Farmer bags in the background of all of my favorite commercial growers' garden shots.


The rest of the gear for my current grow actually comes from Vivosun, though only by coincidence. They had the highest quality products within my price range, which isn't all that high. Their 48" x 48" x 80" tent is a solid 7/10 product. The zippers frequently stick and snag, and the velcro window-coverings they provided are creased badly enough to let light in and out frequently - they're going to require an ironing to correct. Their fabric pots, on the other hand, seem to be doing a great job. Of course, my plants are still seedlings, so I'll have to update this once one of them comes into contact with the main pot.


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